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“Now That You’re Finding Awesome Public Domain Content, Here Are 28 Fresh Methods for Turning It Into CASH!”
Get That Awesome Content Off Your Hard Drive and Into People’s Hands!
If you've looked even a little at the text and image content available in the Public Domain, you no-doubt realized pretty quickly that it is the ultimate treasure trove for creating new products of ALL types!

The thing can find and download all the great content you want but if you don't USE it (or understand HOW to use it) it will do you little good other than waste time and take up hard drive space!
If I Just Knew How to Begin...
If you have yet to publish a book, create an information product or print-on-demand product, I can understand how getting started can seem intimidating! The secret is to decide on a product creation direction that fits you and your skill set...and trust me, there are MANY product creation methods that nearly ANYONE can succeed with!
How About 28 of My Favorite Methods for Using
Public Domain Content to Create Great Products?!
Over the past several months, I have compiled a list of 28 of my best methods for turning great Public Domain content into products of all types!

The methods I share include strategies for book creation, physical products, ecom-based products and more using Public Domain content from image sites, books, magazines, newspapers and more! 

Think of them as Idea Generators or Product Starters!

The BEST part is that ALL 28 Videos are separated out for easy viewing and range from 5 minutes to 15 minutes or more!
How About a Few Examples...
Here are a few excerpts from the full list of 28 Methods shared in this training...
    > Method #6: Use Existing Book or Magazine Article as the Foundation for a Webinar Series.
    > Method #11: Themed Collections of Patent Drawings.
    > Method #18: Recipes.
    > Method #26: Posters and Canvas.
    > And 24 more!
Introducing...“Using Public Domain Content.”
Over the course of around 4 hours of live-taught training, you will discover 28 of the BEST methods for turning Public Domain content into all types of products...and ultimately into SALES! I can pretty much guarantee that you haven't considered some of these methods before! These are the ones I use on a regular basis and have proven their value many times over!
I Think You Would Agree That Just $7 Each Would Be More Than
a Fair Price to Access All 28 of the Best Product Creation Methods...
I think you'll agree that this type of knowledge is invaluable due to the limitless amount of content we can use to create great products. Knowing WHAT to do with your content discoveries is half the battle! That said, what if I told you that if you take action on this offer TODAY, instead of paying $5 each for all 28 Methods, your one-time invest will be LESS THAN $3.50 EACH...Just $197 $97!

During this Special Offer, you will get Full Access to ALL 28 Videos as well as the Slides for All 28 Methods in PDF form! Please understand that this is an extremely limited offer at this price!
Just $197 $97!
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