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“Revealed...How to Easily Find Public Domain Books and Images Published in Other Countries and in Other Languages!”
Easily Tap Into the 2 Billion+ Books in the Public Domain Worldwide!
I hate to admit this, but as an American, I only speak ONE language...English. Sure, I took Spanish in high school and did well with it, but short of asking where the bathroom is, I remember very little. The reason I share this little factoid about me isn't because I'm planning to learn another language or two. It's MUCH more exciting than that!

You may not realize this but, when it comes to books that are NOW in the Public Domain, some estimates say there are approximately 85 million books available in the United States. But what about the rest of the world? Conservative estimates claim there are over 2 BILLION books worldwide now in the Public Domain, with more being added every single year!
The Problem Has Been Finding Them...
I have said for years that you can't find what you don't know to look for. Makes sense, right? But throw LANGUAGE into the mix and the discovery task becomes MUCH harder...especially if you don't know the language (like me). Because of that, I've mostly avoided Public Domain books in other languages. It seemed too challenging to make it worth my while...that is, until I figured out how to make it EASY!

No...I didn't discover (or invent) a universal translator like you see on Star Trek, but what I DID discover comes close! Using freely available tech wizardry, it is now possible to find Public Domain works in ANY language from ANY country! 
There Are Some Important (but Easy) Steps to Follow!
Remember what I mentioned a moment ago about knowing what to look for? Well, that is ESPECIALLY true when it comes to foreign languages. I mean, how on earth would a mono-lingual, middle-aged American find Public Domain books in Russian...or even know where to begin?

The GREAT news is that I can tell you (AND show you) HOW. Until fairly recent, it wasn't really all that possible (I've tried) but technology has FINALLY matured to where finding Public Domain works from other countries and in other languages is pretty straightforward!
And I Plan to Show You How...
Here is what I've discovered:
    > TWO Phrases You MUST Know in order to locate works in the Public Domain in other countries.
    > How to Research in 50 Different Languages even if you don't speak them!
    > Best Foreign Sites for Finding Public Domain Works.
    > The Copyright Rules You MUST Know for Each Country and how they apply to YOU.
    > How to Easily Identify Which Works by Foreign Authors are now in the Public Domain and which ones are not.
    > How to Easily Translate discovered works into the language of your choice...for FREE!
    > Keyword Tricks to Find Images in the Public Domain from other countries!
    > And MUCH More!
Introducing...“PDT: In Other Languages.”
Over the course of THREE Modules, I will reveal everything you need to discover the wealth of amazing Public Domain content that awaits you from other countries and in other languages! And because this was LIVE-Taught, you will be able to watch in real time as I demonstrate ALL the tricks and tips for tapping into this MASSIVE motherlode of Public Domain content! Plus, you have ONGOING access to the Replay recordings!

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    • All Slides as PDF Downloads.
    • Transcripts for All Three Modules.
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